A Las Vegas native since 1989, Jared’s love for desert specific architecture and design stems from a deep understanding and appreciation of our specific region.  Having worked on various projects from 1,000 SF residential renovations, to complex high-rise towers and high-end hospitality based interior projects, Jared spends a great deal of time shepherding a project from beginning to completion which includes going from conceptual design to complete construction documents.  All while meeting budgets and coordinating with other consultants work.

Jared’s design philosophy follows the simple idea that good design comes from understanding the end user.  Design challenges are met through a rigorous process which starts by asking questions and listening for answers…   Experimenting along the way.  Jared’s process is one where it often takes 1,000 “no’s” to eliminate the complexity of an idea, allowing for a clean and concise “yes” to emerge.  In Jared’s words, “True simplicity is actually quite complex.”

Jared is at his best when combining his love of architecture with graphic and product design.  “The best design approach is a multi-disciplinary thoughtfulness where the design of space is consistent with the activities which take place within it.  When spaces are thoughtful, people are at peace with their life in that space, and inspired by it daily; that’s successful design.”

Jared received his Bachelors of Science in Architecture degree from UNLV in 2004 and his Masters of Architecture degree from UNLV in 2011.



*Disclaimer:  Jared Lebo is not a licensed Realtor & in no way is directly associated with RE/MAX Benchmark, or The LEBO Group, LLC.

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