As the Executive Vice President of “Growth Construction” Khalil Ziade transcends what many many may assume a “General Contractor” to be.  Having personally managed the construction of over one thousand homes over the past five years, Khalil and his company Growth Construction are now vying for the elite recognition as the “Premier Custom Home Builder”.
While not well known, the top tier of energy efficient homes have been deemed “Challenge” homes as it’s less than ironic due to the massive government regulation and complexity involved.  Having personally built the largest “Challenge” home in the entire Las Vegas valley, Khalil’s knowledge of engineering and construction management is paramount to any prospective client.
Prior to a final sale, Khalil is available to all of Bryans clients to assess the cost and feasibility of structural and aesthetic improvements.  Whether the client is looking to build one of his company’s 15,000 sq ft multi-million dollar “Challenge Homes” or simply remodel a newly acquired property, Khalils knowledge, experience, and responsibility has been verified with countless satisfied clients that Bryan has referred.

*Disclaimer: Khalil Ziade is not a licensed Realtor & in no way is directly associated with RE/MAX Benchmark, or The LEBO Group, LLC.

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